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Umut Yamac

British architect and designer Umut Yamac established his East London design studio in 2011.

His work is characterised by a multidisciplinary approach; exploring the middle ground between architecture and design. He creates objects and installations that are responsive to both the user and the space through playful interaction and movement, often taking inspiration from nature.

His latest piece spun Prism is a three dimensional tapestry of light, colour and volume. Part of a collection of “tension pieces”, these works explore the potential of cord to create dynamic drawings in space. 

Balancing a careful choice of materials, the hand woven cords are held by the weight of the linear elements, which in turn create the form of three nesting prisms suspended mid-air. Varying in size and colour the layered prismatic forms diffuse the light, and create an interference pattern, or moire, which creates the illusion of movement and depth with the shifting gaze of the viewer.

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