Ordinary Miracles

Form Editions was part of ‘Ordinary Miracles’ at Dutch Design week 2022, From 22nd to 30th October, Form Editions presented at Dutch Design Week 2022 in Eindhoven, Loads 040 as part of the ‘Ordinary Miracles’ exhibition by Rive Roshan, an immersive installation that plays with perception, perspective and reflection.

The exhibition showcased the work of the designers Collin Velkoff, Frank Penders, Rive Roshan and Linda Weimann, presenting a range of new collectible design pieces.

Collin Velkoff exhibited two works from the second collection of objects in his ‘Foreign Bodies’ series: ‘Ceres N1 Chair’ and ‘Vesta N1 Table Lamp’ from ‘Foreign Bodies — Arrival’. This ongoing series of works is inspired by the satellites, orbiters, and rovers sent into space to analyse the material composition of extraterrestrial bodies.

Frank Penders exhibited three works from his ‘ONE’ series — ‘ONE Round’, ‘ONE Square’ and ‘ONE Ridiculous’. Each piece in the series uses only one flat sheet of steel which is sculpted and bent into 3D form. This motion can be seen in the shape of the pieces, as well as the strength of the steel, creating pieces that combine old forging techniques with modern design.

Linda Weimann exhibited four pieces from her ‘ELEMENTS’ series: L 45, M 26, M 33 and S 43 which are all created using gypsum and natural pigments. The series explores deconstruction of the order behind ornamental language to bring new aspects to both aesthetic and matter in object design.

Rive Roshan showcased three pieces as part of Form Editions. ‘Sand in Motion Slim Bronze’ is part of the Sand in Motion collectible objects that reveal the beauty of natural materials. The ‘Colour Dial Curved Blue Table’ is a contemporary interpretation of the sundial and the ‘Metal Shift Panels’ are a series of six panels that disperse light through their rippled surfaces. 

All pieces that were presented are now available to purchase through the Form Editions Website.

‘Metal Shift Panels’ by Rive Roshan. A new edition of the Colour Shift panels, 6 panels ranging from a lighter silver to a dark iron. The pieces disperse light through their rippled surfaces creating transitions of colour from various viewpoints.

‘ONE – Round’,  ‘ONE – Square’ and ‘ONE – Ridiculous’ by Frank Penders.

‘ELEMENTS’ serie by Linda Weimann

‘Ceres N1 Chair’ and ‘Vesta N1 Table’ from Collin Velkoff’s ‘Foreign Bodies — Arrival’ collection presented.

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