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Michiel Poelmann

Michiel Poelmann creates furniture, lighting, and other design products from wood, metal, and stone. But really, none of his creations conform to the standard molds of tables, stools, cabinets or lights created from these materials. 

His projects present some exquisite flares of color on them. The flares are the result of a chemical reaction; welding two different metals–steel and copper–together at their ends. Another instance is Poelmann's Tin Pendant Light, whose crumbling, twisted and glossy form originates in the collision of molten tin and water. 

In addition to these, more bold and experimental creations, there are wooden tables fabricated from imperfect, found wood for the table tops and a single piece of steel that is bent to form each of the legs. These are projects where Poelmann displays creativity and efficiency in the use of familiar materials, as well as ingenuity when it comes to fabrication. This unique collection of creations from designer Michiel Poelmann makes it hard to classify his work, and all the more intriguing for us to follow.

Text: Purva Chawla - Material Driven

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