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Ida Elke

Ida Elke works from an isolated studio situated in the woods in the Danish countryside. Here she creates singular and limited editions of furniture and handmade objects.

With a background in contemporary arts, she takes advantage of the expectations we have towards our furniture, and reflects these expectations in a context where the function becomes a medium for the sensory and aesthetic experience. The function becomes the category that defines the space to act within. Her work is a challenge of that space, with unconventional choices that are rooted in visual and tactile perception.

Aluminium lamella slats cast into a body of beeswax form the objects of this collection. The beeswax body is cast in a mold of wet clay, providing a rough primitive surface. As a principle for construction lamellae are known from both microbiology, mycolgi and geology, but also commonly used in architecture and industrial design. The meeting of these two contrasting materials, with connotations that spans from prehistoric to industrial, makes space for a broad sense of time. Placing an emphasis on the negative space, creating repeated openings, the Passage collection is exploring the idea of a passage for intangible substances such as light, air, vision, thoughts, time and space.

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